Nov 18th- Nov 24th 2019 Weekly Spotlight

Hello my name is Jacquean Kosh,  and I am an aspiring entrepreneur.  The name of my business is "Stand Out Teez".  Did you know you were born to standout?   T-Shirts are not all designed equally.  Some are designed to STAND OUT!  I design unisex t-shirts to inspire, motivate, and encourage everyone to be proud of who they are, and remember you were "Born To Stand Out".  

Visit my Instagram page (link below) to see a catalog of my t-shirts today.  Get your holiday shopping started early to ensure your gifts arrive on time.  Thank you for visiting my page.

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Nov 11th - Nov 17th 2019 Weekly Spotlight

Hello my name is Danielle Hall,  and I am an aspiring entrepreneur with many gifts which include Author/Blogger/Speaker, and the Founder of V.O.I.C.E. Ministry.  I also started a handmade, customized greeting cards and more business. Last but definitely not least is my newest business  "The Butterfly Effect" bracelets.  

Visit my Instagram page (link below) to see a catalog of my handmade butterfly themed jewelry and purchase your bracelet(s) today.  Get your holiday shopping started early to ensure your gifts arrive on time.  

Connect with me on Instagram @thebutterflyeffect_bydanielle and @sol_by_danielle

Dirty Little Secrets & The Little White Lie 



Nov 3rd - Nov 10th 2019 Weekly Spotlight

Food Truck Queen

Are you interested in starting your own food truck business?  If so, Charlene is the person you want to connect with.  She knows all the ins and outs of starting up and operating a food truck. Click the link below to visit her website for more information.

Food Truck Queen

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Oct 28th - Nov 3rd 2019 Weekly Spotlight

Anne Nelson - Life Coach with Fully Thriving


I am so very grateful you are here. Why? because you  matter! Truly you do. How do I know this? Because after years of working  with people from many different backgrounds and hearing their stories. I  have become more convinced than ever that each human being is unique,  beautiful, and full of possibilities. It is for this reason; I am  confident of your value! Growing up, we dream of the perfect life. Each  story plays a little differently in our ideal world, but there is one  common factor, life doesn’t go exactly as planned. Somehow on the  journey to becoming who we were meant to be, we get lost. Sometimes it’s  a tragedy blocking our path like a boulder that won’t move or at times  we merely misplace the GPS and find ourselves in a place we never  intended to go. Whatever the cause, when we face these setbacks our  thinking often begins to take a negative spiral, causing self-doubt and  fear to rise up. Pretty soon our own limiting beliefs keep us from  dreaming, let alone achieve.

The exciting news is that the science of well-being  presents another option. We learn that the spiral goes both ways, and  while our brains have a bias towards the negative, we don’t always have  to follow it. By exercising a few cognitive skills we can thrive like  never before and start spiraling up rather than down. I rejoice in the  opportunity to come alongside you to help you find clarity in life and  discover all the possibilities it offers. I believe every set back has  drawn you closer to your ideal future, and you have what it takes to get  there.

Click this link to visit my website for more information.

If you would like to understand how coaching can meet your needs, click here to schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery session.

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Oct 21st - Oct 27th 2019 Weekly Spotlight

Hello, my name is Nancy Vega,  and I create custom paper flower and hair bows for all occasions.  All orders are customizable to your needs & preference.  Contact me via Instagram (link below)  to see my collection and to find out more information.

Connect with me on Instagram @bows_and_blooms_by_nancy

FREE advertising for women owned businesses and entrepreneurs.
FREE advertising for women owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

Oct 7th - Oct 13th 2019 Weekly Spotlight



Produce edible, inset based protein and food products in sustainable and energy efficient way, as well as educate people about entomophagy - its health, economical, & environmental benefits.



Our solution is sustainable, micro livestock farming of grubs manufactured into
​food products that are affordable and accessible to local communities -
where they ​live, work & play. 


Visit our website for more information.

Connect with us on Instagram @wundergrubs

WOAM Spotlight
WOAM Spotlight