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One of our goals at W . O . A . M  is to share stories to help encourage and motivate other women.  Each month we will spotlight a woman who wants to share her testimony.  Visit our Contact Us page to submit your information.

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Author In the Family!

My great-niece De'Asia Scott co-authored her first book. She and 2 of her classmates spent the entire summer working on this book. I'm so very proud of her and she thanks me for encouraging her to go after her dreams. De'Asia is  definitely a WOAM. She has a very bright future ahead of her. The  funds from the sale of the book will go towards her college education. De'Asia will graduate HS in 2020 and begin her college courses that fall.  She plans to study nursing with a degree as a  Neonatal Nurse Specialist.  Click here to purchase the book on Amazon. Thank you!

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Stepping Into Your Purpose!!!

Watch this powerful, candid and ultimately life-changing video as one of  the world’s most successful motivational speakers and best-selling  author, Lisa Nichols, shows you how to become an abundant thinker to  achieve radical unlimited success. 

No More Hiding - Joel Osteen

God calls you a mighty hero and He will equip and increase you, but you  have to do your part and step out. It’s easy to let fear hold us back:  fear of failure, fear of what people are going to think, fear of the  unknown. But if you’ll take a step of faith, God will step in and help  you. This message will help you step out of the boat and be all that God  has created you to be. 

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