December 2018 Spotlight


Brooke Hawkins - Graphic Designer

It  all started in my Earth Science class at the University of Missouri  Kansas City (UMKC) in 2003. I was supposed to be taking notes, but found  myself immersed in another swirly doodle. I thought, "Man! It would be  so cool to get paid to do this for a living!" From then on, I've never  looked back.

Art is where my heart is. It brings me the most  satisfaction and it truly brings me joy. That is what a career is  supposed to do, right?! In 2006, I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Studio  Art, from UMKC, with an emphasis in Graphic Design (I also received  Department Honors. Pat on the back for me! LOL).        

I have  been designing for over 12 years. I'm the type of designer who is  approachable and thinks outside the box. I see the beauty in a lot of  things and it inspires a lot of my creativity. I strive for excellence!  Always have. Always will! I never shy away from a challenge!

It  would be my honor to design for you. Visit my Contact page, submit your  information and design request for a quote. Thank you for visiting my  site. Let's create awesomeness! 

November 2018 Spotlight


Cordessa Travel and Entertainment, LLC

Meet Ericka Miller from Cordessa Travel and Entertainment, LLC.   Ericka has always had a passion for traveling.  After spending years working in the IT field, Ericka decided to become a Travel Agent.   Now she and her family get to travel to places together making new memories, and at the same time Ericka gets paid to do so.  Ericka would like to show you how to save money on your next trip and get paid while vacationing. Contact her today for more information, and be sure to checkout her website to plan your next getaway. WOAM is delighted to feature Cordessa Travel and Entertainment, LLC in the November, 2018 SPOTLIGHT.  Ericka is definitely a Woman On A Mission.  Keep up the great work Ericka.  We wish you much continued success!!!!  Click here to Book Travel

September 2018 Spotlight


Hello Betsy Anne - Virtual Assistant

Betsy Ann Castor is a young woman who had a passion all her life to help people and found a way to give back by becoming a Virtual Assistant.  She provides administrative services to small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Some of the services she provides are answering incoming calls, following up with clients, calendar management and social media management.  Click the link below for the full list of services she provides and schedule your FREE consultation.  Keep up the Great work Betsy Ann.  WOAM appreciates all that you do and we are very happy that you are living your lifelong dream.  Best wishes!!

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August 2018 Spotlight


Herbalife Wellness and Nutrition Coach

Meet Margaret Mason a Herbalife Wellness and Nutrition Coach and my mentor.  Maggy is helping people everywhere get healthy and loose weight using Herbalife Nutritional products.  I'm down 10 pounds since I started my Herbalife wellness and nutrition journey on June 26th.  Click on the Instagram link below to find out more about Maggy and Herbalife Nutrition products.  You will also see some of her clients amazing testimonials.  Thank you Maggy for coaching and inspiring me to living my healthiest life.  Keep up the Great work!  @woam247

July 2018 Spotlight


Pens & Heels Business Boutique

Pens & Heels Business Boutique is a South-Florida-based  organization, founded by Latina women, offering women-led seminars,  workshops, training and networking events to women in business,  including current and aspiring female entrepreneurs and small business  owners, female heads of industry, students and life-long learners. We  believe that successful women sharing their knowledge, stories and  experiences is the key to empowering other women to find their  individual success. 

Wine and Business Networking Night

Date and Time:  July 17, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

Location: Puritas Lounge & Restaurant in Pembroke Pines-FL (which is a woman-owned business).


7817 Pines Boulevard

Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

Promo code: FRIENDOFWOAM, 50% off. 

Tickets are $15 ($7.50 with discount), each ticket includes Unlimited Wine, Lite Bites, a Mini-Boss Bag, & Networking.

Also, with  the purchase of a ticket, each person is eligible to showcase their  business. If someone wants to showcase their business they must email Pens and Heels  at for more information.

June 2018 Spotlight!


She Gear Fitness

She Gear Fitness is a Health and Wellness business that was started by Jenny.  She Gear Fitness gives 5% of their proceeds every quarter to the "Dream Foundation".  To learn more about Jenny and the Dream Foundation click She Gear Fitness.  While your there be sure to shop her website to show your support.  Thanks Jenny and keep up the Great work!!!

February 2018 Spotlight!


The Give Back Act - Weddings and Events

Click The Give Back Act to find out more about this wonderful organization.  

January 2018 Spotlight!


Popsitry by Sabrina

Our January 2018 spotlight featured Sabrina Monroe owner of Popistry by Sabrina.  To find out more about Sabrina and how she became a sugar artist visit her website Popistry by Sabrina.

December 2017 Spotlight!


Our December 2017 WOAM Spotlight features our new friend Kate,  a Fitness and Lifesytle Coach.  Her purpose, calling, and passion that fires her up is so much bigger then her.  She knows that everything she's been through has bought her to where she is today.  Kate's past challengers knocked her down to her knees many of times.  Although she faced many failures she picked herself up, dusted herself off and kept going,  She says that quitting is not an option and that is why she was chosen to be the December 2017 WOAM Spotlight.  She is truly an inspiration to us.  Thank you Kate for not letting your failures keep you from your life's mission.  You are truly a great example of a Woman On A Mission.  We wish you much continued success.

Click here to find out more about Kate's journey.

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November 2017 Spotlight!


Jay McElroy is a friendly, busy and highly productive woman.

It’s an understatement to call her a “ball of fire” — she’s more  like a “Supernova!” A supernova of ideas and actions, that is. Jay  herself describes it this way: “I’m, like, on speed from the minute I  wake up, and I just go all day.”In 2004 she founded McElroy  Enterprises (ME), a corporate training company specializing in hands-on  training for careers in the corporate IT, healthcare, retail and  construction fields. “We put together a Job Candidate Certification  (JCC) professionalization learning management system to give job seekers  a complete education in preparing for, finding and succeeding in  employment,” she said.ME has had phenomenal success. At one  point, with a barely believable staff of just 10, they were helping  between 800 and 1,000 people per month get back to work in IT,  healthcare, retail and construction. Beginning in 2008, JCC’s scope  expanded to include additional markets and embraced the increasing  utilization of video, electronic media and related technologies.